Word of the Week # 11

Truing (VERB) : Truing your wheels is an important part of bike maintenance. Truing your wheels means realigning and rounding the wheel using your spokes. Every spoke on a wheel can be adjusted and several adjustments are used to true a wheel. Check our Need 2 Know section for tutorial videos coming soon!

Word of the Week # 9

OTB (abbrv) : OTB is an abbreviation for "Over the Bars". Used to reference a riders worst nightmare, this type of crash is the hardest to bail from and is considered one of the gnarliest ways to crash. OTB crashes generally send you helmet first into the ground followed by a nice thud as all... Continue Reading →

Word of the Week # 8

Buck (verb) : Buck or bucked, refers to the unfortunate act of having your rear tire sprung upwards off a lip due to suspension rebound. Getting bucked off a lip is a great way to end up going OTB, but theres some things you can do to avoid a crash after being bucked. There are... Continue Reading →

Word of the Week # 6

Pump (verb) Pumping is a strategy used to gain speed without pedaling. To pump, you do your best to unweight yourself while manuevering over a hill, and when on the downhill slope, become as heavy as possible. What I mean by this, is you push down when going downhill and lift up over a hill... Continue Reading →

Word of the Week # 5

Booter (noun) A booter is a jump designed to provide you with as much air time as possible given the landscape. A booter can be any style of jump, though they are most commonly built as step-ups, for added safety.

MTB Word of the Week #2

Exβ€’poβ€’sure (Noun) Exposure in a mountain biking context almost always refers to wind. This is a huge topic, especially at rampage, since wind can make or break the competition. A highly exposed line would generally be atop a ridge line, or in a non wooded zone with air features leaving the rider vulnerable to wind... Continue Reading →

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