Adventurous Soul

It’s silly that so many people chase after material objects to gauge their success, yet how happy are those with money? Better yet, what is the source of happiness for those who achieve it? Not the money, I‘ll bet. You’ve heard it a million times, money doesn’t buy happiness. It’s true. I know because when I think of the happiest times in my life, I was broker than broke. Life is short, and its successes are meant to be measured in memories made, and experiences gained rather than numbers in an account, or diamonds in a jewelry box.

Photo byΒ Kat Yukawa

Think back to the happiest times of your life. Likely, it wasn’t the moment you bought a new helmet or jersey, but the ride you spent with friends after you were geared up. Any old helmet and jersey would have given you the same glorious euphoria at the finish. Adventure is within all of us. If you doubt yours, spend an hour watching RedBull tv and you’ll soon be eager to conquer a new adventure and do something awesome.

Photo byΒ Jared Rice

So then,here is the question I am constantly asking myself. What is it that stops us from seeking adventure? What holds us back from chasing the very thing we should be living for? I know an adventurous lifestyle can have many meanings, and in my opinion there’s an adventurous world out there tailored for every single one of us. The world is our canvas waiting for us to capture its beauty to hold onto forever.

Photo byΒ Alice Achterhof

Nature is our teacher, our mother. She provides us with everything we need to thrive, and she gifts us with a world so full of adventure that even the most curious people will never run out of new experiences. There are endless possibilities in this world, just waiting to be conquered. If you have been following my blog, you know how I push everyone I meet to find and hunt their passion. I think life is better built around passion, and I believe passion is what makes the seemingly impossible, possible, for those who dare to try. Passion gives you the determination and the tools to follow your own adventure.

Photo byΒ Kalle Kortelainen

Adventure is a journey, leading to the best destinations. Don’t let anything stop you from filling your life with experiences, memories, and adventures. Money means nothing, honestly, and you can’t take it with you when you go. Life is simple if we don’t overthink it. We create our own happiness. So, hopefully you’ll view today as an opportunity for adventure, and another 24 hours to pursue your passion. Seek and obtain some riches today, but not the moentary kind. Take steps today towards complete happiness. Even if they’re just tiny little baby steps, it’s something. Make a promise to yourself to never move backwards, no matter how much you want to quit. Living an adventurous life isnt always easy, but it is always worth it.. So, I’ll sign off today by sharing with you my motto for life.

Do whatever you have to do to make a living out of the life you love.

Michaela Francis

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