Off-Season Progress

Generally speaking, most racing in mountain biking is done in the spring and summer, leaving the fall and winter freed up quite a bit for racers. Like most of you, there’s nothing I’d rather be doing than riding. Off-season seems so long and I miss my friends and the energy of the races constantly. It used to get me down, but I no longer sweat the off-season. I like the balance it keeps for me. It’s a time for me to evaluate my progress in all aspects of my life.

A rough photo – My first ever podium – An unforgettable feeling

Racing season keeps me busy, sometimes so busy that I lose time for other things. The off-season is my time to balance my progress. I spend half the year building hardly anything but my physical health and my performance on the bike. Then in the off season I get to spend even more time on training and my nutrition as well as other aspirations. It’s also a time to step back and make a plan. Evaluations and planning are easy at the finish of a season when growth is apparent and measurable. I take that exact same mindset into my off-season and my goals within it.

I progress so much personally in the off season and I think that’s really important. It’s crucial to me to progress towards being an all around better human being in addition to progressing in my beloved sport. This off-season I have done a lot of work towards creating my ideal space to live in. I set an instant achievement, a work in progress, and goals that are never-ending. Instant: Revamp the house and make it an organized and calming space. Wokr in Progress: My nutrition, my exercise, and ditching old habits dragging me down. Never-Ending: I have set sustainability goals for myself and am trying to do my part to help leave this planet half decent for future generations. I know this season when racing approaches I’ll enter with a mind preset for success. I’ve been using my off-season to achieve great successes personally, and the momentum rolls right into my racing. Set obtainable goals and make it a habit to be successful. Small successes make the greatest improvements in our mind. Mental game is a big part of racing. Having a habit of seeing a goal and conquering it is something we must keep practicing in the off season. Life is full of potential successes.

Target success. Do the work. Reap the benefits.

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