Urban Downhill: Manizales 2019

Quite an awe to spectate, and quite the rush to ride, urban downhill is becoming increasingly popular in mountain biking. Going on its 11th year, a special race of the kind kicks off the season in Columbia. That race is Downhill Urbano Manizales.

The track is sweet, the people are passionate, and the vibes are amazing.

Results: DHU Manizales 2019

Marcelo Gutierrez1:58.31
2.Camilo Sanchez+00:02.082:00.59
3.Alex Marin +00:06.62
4.Felipe Rodriguez +00:11.26
5.Steven Ceballos +00:11.56
6.Juan Nunez +00:12.23
7.Jhon Betoncourt+00:13.152:11.46
8.Rafael Gutierrez+00:13.452:11.76
9.Tomas Slavik+00:14.812:13.12
10.Diego Jesus Gomezt+00:19.062:17.24

Here are some of the best highlights, and pov’s to suit your fancy.

Please enjoy.

You can also see the full replay below.


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