Live A Life You Love

Have you ever spoken to someone about what they REALLY love? Seeing someone talk about something they love with passion in their eyes is a wondrous sight. Faces light up, eyes brighten, and it’s as if you can see a person’s soul gleefully dancing in the depths of their eyes. We don’t think of passion often in a day to day atmosphere. As a member of a creative profession, I think I get to experience people following their passion more than most. It can be found anywhere in any form, from any person. That’s the beautiful thing about it, passion is unprejudiced. Its a part of the universal language of love, spoken in every region of the world. Smiles are beautiful and contagious, and laughter can lighten you in an instant, and passion is just the same, yet even better.

Passion is alive. Passion is inspiring, its embracing, and its fulfilling. It grabs you and holds your attention, then pours energy into your soul. Passion is our reminder that we are not born to just pay bills and die. I believe passion is designed to play a huge part in guiding us to our purpose in life. It’s like a road map, leading you to the people you need to meet, the lessons you need to learn, and the places you get to go. IF. YOU. LET. IT.

“When your passion and purpose is greater than your fears and excuses, you will find a way.”

-Nishan Panwar

I’ve never understood how the majority of us these days have became trapped in a broken work system that steals nearly all of our time and energy away from us, and has a payout that barely keeps us and our families comfortable? Wouldn’t we ALL prefer it to be a different way? Since a child, I have been told relentlessly that the only way to get by would be working a 9-5 job. I refuse to take that as fact. I’ve always been much more interested in living simply and enjoying life, rather than working myself to the ground, missing memories with my family, all to try to make a few bucks.    

Living your dreams isn’t easy. If it was, everybody would do it. Dedication, motivation, and integrity are just some of the traits you must possess to be able to even consider it. Its constant, tedious work, and plenty of busy days and late nights. The great thing is though, if you love it, it hardly ever feels like work. Oh, and the payoff? Only about a thousand times better than any paycheck. I’ve never been more proud of my accomplishments or more excited to start “work”. That energy radiates into all the other aspects of my life, and every day is better because of it. 

This world would be a better place if everyone had the chance to find their passion, explore it, and make their living using it one way or another. It is possible, but it’s not the norm. Know this, humans are herd animals, they want to follow the flow of the majority. Friends, do yourselves a favor, and take the path less traveled. You owe it to yourself to find your passion, embrace it, and create a world that you thrive in. Anything less is a waste.

We might only have this one life…What will you be proud of when its over? 

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