Life is not perfect, this we all know. Some days are better than others, and some days, well, they aren’t. I think we all have had a time, when we were pushed too far, stepped on too many times, and used too much to be able to take it anymore. So then what happened? What did you do? Are you proud of your actions? Do you regret them? Were they exactly what you needed in your life? Well, probably. We question ourselves too much when making a choice that benefits ourselves rather than someone else. If we watched someone go through what we put ourselves through some days, we’d feel obligated to step in and help. Yet, we don’t seem as obligated to take better care of ourselves. Being belittled, abused, taken for granted, and stressed out to tears has become an average work environment and home life for a lot of people. Why? Because we choose to neglect our own lives while burning ourselves out trying to promote other people’s wellness? Now I’m not saying quit helping others. If you help yourself only, and don’t help others, you’ve lost your balance. You don’t want to be stuck on either side. You don’t want to give too much or keep too much. Not only speaking materials, but more specifically time and energy. The things that are actually worth something. Balance time and energy, so that you may build yourself up so that you can help build others up too. It doesn’t make sense not to. You don’t build a skyscraper from the ground, you have to rise with it. And don’t let anybody take too much from you either. If someone is tearing down your skyscraper to get blocks to build their own, it sounds like the balance is off and needs to be fixed or perhaps abandoned. Do not feel obligated to keep yourself in any toxic situation. Work stressing you out? Why aren’t you looking for a new job? Your happiness is worth it. Relationship tearing you down? Talk to your partner, reestablish the balance. Build yourselves, and build each other. Neighbors driving you nuts? Try to find a common ground. Make a friend instead of an enemy. But when it all comes down to it, if you are trading in your happiness for something, you are paying too much for it. And try as you may, some things just won’t balance. That’s okay. It doesn’t mean you’re left stuck dealing with it. You don’t have to punish yourself for blame that isn’t yours and you don’t have to suffer through pain that isn’t yours. Do everything you can to build yourself and your life, and then live it the best you can. Cut the ties with the people holding you back. You likely have more years left, than you’ve lived so far. The rest of your life can be the opposite of your past, if you’d like it to be. Free your life. It’s ready to be molded into anything you set forth after. Don’t hold it back, don’t hold yourself back, and definitely don’t let anybody or anything else hold you back, ever. Don’t be afraid to remove yourself from a toxic situation and move on. Make Your life worth living, then push yourself to live it to the fullest every day. Break through your barriers, silence your demons, and persevere. Your happiness is NOT a fair asking price for anything, no matter what may be gained.

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