TakeAway: Ruby Hill Bike Park – Denver, CO

Ruby Hill Bike Park located in Denver Colorado really has a lot to offer for everybody. From Groms just getting used to riding off of training wheels, to major names like Carson Storch stopping by time to time. It’s a great place filled with happy, carefree people. Friendly riders who want to get to know you and shred together. The riding is impressive for a smaller park without lift acess. Theres several varieities of slopestyle tracks here, scattered all around the park.  The walks aren’t steep and they arent far, yet they provide access to some really fun runs.

The park is compact and offers a variety of options for any rider. Slopestyle tracks big enough for the big bike, and flowy jump lines will not leave you disappointed. Theres also a dual-slalom course if you want to find a friend and race eachother down a sweet track. Theres 2 different pump tracks for those getting warmed up, whether that be for the day or to the sport. Theres also some multi use trails around the outskirts of the park, suitable for hiking, or riding. I would have to say this parks shining points are its slopestyle and dirt jump tracks. There is so much variety, you can really have a different experience every time, 
and there are lines difficult enough to keep some of the best riders entertained and satisfied. Bring yourself, bring your family. Ruby Hill Bike Park is the place to be. 

Location and Accesibility8/10– Located in town, not hard to   find, no entry fees, lots of parking, open from sunrise to sunset.
Trails and Features7/10– Offers a unique variety of all difficulties of slopestyle riding,  w/ challenging pro lines. Also Big bike friendly. 
People and Vibes9/10– No matter whether you show up on Friday night with a pro guest, or a Tuesday morning with only the most dedicated local riders, or any other time, the crowd couldn’t be
better here.
Expect to make new friends. 
Overall Rating:8/10– A unique little haven to come to practice your skills and meet
new friends. Big bike and family 

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